How To Achieve Consistency.

By now, most of us probably know that consistency is important. We sort of understand the importance of compound interest not just in monetary terms but in knowledge, skills and abilities. The crux of it is; skills stack. Knowledge stacks. Abilities stack. The compound interest that we can gain in our lives through small consistent gains is far greater than pushing ourselves beyond our limit and needing greater recovery time and being on the borderline of burnout. This approach of consistency over intensity makes our lives and our progress more effortless, gives us more time to do the things we love, and makes us happier, whilst also massively boosting our results. It's a complete positive cycle.

But how do we actually achieve consistency? Often, we have so much going on, so many things in our lives to attend to, that we never really have time to think about being consistent. Certainly not enough time to actually be consistent. Usually, we think of being consistent of just working as hard as we can for as long as we can. Therefore, I offer a simple solution; consistency is achieved through elimination, not through addition. Fewer tasks, less 'to-do lists', less effort, less 'being busy.' Consistency can only be achieved when we prioritize ONE thing above all else, so we can give that one thing the time it deserves, each and every day, without having to strain ourselves and compete with a million other things going on.

Now I do not mean prioritizing just your career over your family, or just your health over your business. It's actually easier than that. I am talking about creating priorities within each sphere that value most, at that next level down. Without this, we get the typical results; work spills over into family life, eliminates time for health, and pushes you to burn out. Sound familiar?

So now we have that covered, let's get going. Step number 1, is to figure out your priority. Not priorities, priority. Priority was always a singular word, meaning "the thing that is regarded as more important than others." It was not until the 1900's that the word became plural, some 500 years after the word was first invented. Funnily enough coinciding with the industrial revolution where people were asked to work all day on many tasks, which were of course all super important according to their bosses, hence the list of 'priorities', crazy right?

Getting back on track, what is the task that is most important to your career? The ONE thing that you do better than anyone else at the company that produces the greatest results? Or your core duty in your role? What about the thing that would be most important to do for your relationship, or your family? Is it spending a couple of hours a night uninterrupted with them? Or an outing each weekend? What about your health? Is it running? or Gym? or just getting started on that diet you have talked about for months?

Whatever it is, it is important that you identify the ONE most important thing that you do in each area of your life, that has the greatest impact on the results you desire, whether that be performing well in your sport, career, or nurturing your relationship with spouse and children, or for your health. Ask yourself; What is the ONE Thing I could do for my (insert area of your life) that would have the greatest positive impact on it?

Now, if you have identified the number one most important thing that you could do for the most important areas of your life, the next step is obvious, right? DO THAT. If you really have identified the most important thing you could do that would have the greatest positive impact, why would you not do it? And why would you not make it a priority?

This is how to make consistency easy - identify the ONE thing that will have the greatest positive impact in that area of your life, do that every single day, and forget all the other things you could do but would have less impact. That is how easy it is. If you truly believe it will have the greatest impact, and you remind yourself of that, it will become increasingly easy to do it and to make it a priority in your life. Not only because you will know you are doing the most important thing, but because you will start to see massive results! Consistency is easy when you know that what you are doing will have the greatest impact on your life.

Imagine for a second; what if you did the ONE thing that would have the greatest positive impact on your health every day for 6 months? Whether that be walking, running, eating right, whatever. What would you look like? How would you feel? Would the results not be amazing!? No matter where you are starting from, I promise you the effect on your life will be profound.

If you think back to the activity before, I have asked you to identify the most impactful activity you could do for each area of your life that you value. For most people, that would include health, career/business/money, and relationship of some kind. ONE Thing for each area. That's 3 things total. Like I said at the beginning, the key to consistency is the elimination, not addition. So now, instead of thinking about going to the gym, going for a run, eating right, hitting 10,000 steps a day, and drinking enough water, all you have to do is ONE thing. Same for your relationship, the same for your career. Yes, of course, there will be other things you must attend to, especially in your business or career, but as we have already said, this activity you have identified is your most impactful, meaning it gets the greatest return per unit of effort, so again, why would you not make this task a priority and do it first every day?

To summarise this process for you, do these three things;

  1. Ask yourself; What is the ONE activity that you could do that would have the greatest positive impact on (insert area of your life that you want to improve)?

  2. Write down the 3-4 new activities you will do and how often. (Eg, movie night with the kids once per week, gym 4 times/week, call 10 prospects every morning.)

  3. DO THEM. Don't think about the other 50 things you could do that would not be as impactful until you make this first thing a habit.

That's all folks: Prioritize. Eliminate. Do Consistently. See Massive Results.

If you want help with identifying your key areas, or your key activities and want to chat about it, then I always give a free 1:1 trial to my coaching here, which would be a great opportunity to help you as much as I can!

To Creating Your Success,


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