How to Set Crystal Clear Goals

Clear goals are the first step to any achievement. If you haven't set crystal clear goals before, and you're not sure why they are so important, then think about it this way: Setting crystal clear goals is like setting a destination in a GPS. You may not know every single twist and turn between where you start and where you want to end up, but you will always know the next 100 metres (in other words, the next step you need to take). So as long as you know your end destination, and you know your next step, you can get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. Like a GPS, no matter how many wrong turns you make, no matter how many U-turns you have to make along the way, as long as you keep the destination the same, you can recalculate and keep focusing on that next step. That is the power of setting crystal clear goals. As long as you have the destination, you will know the next step, and as long as you know the next step, you can keep moving forward.

There are many ways to set clear goals, and I have developed my own way that I call 'The Funnel Method'. It is obvious why I call it this when you see the diagram below - apart from looking like a 6-year-old drew it, it gives you a fair idea of the process - start broad, get narrow.

Now depending on how clear you are about what is important to you in your life and what you want to achieve, you may want to skip stages and go further down the funnel. For those of you who aren't sure what is most important to you or what it is exactly you want to achieve, then start at the top and work your way down. No matter where you begin, no matter how much goal-setting or introspection you have previously done, take your time, there are many stages to work through here.

Firstly - the broad. The first activity is the 101 goals list. It is as simple as it is difficult. You will need to set a deadline on this one because it is the type of activity that can blow out like a husband fixing a shed; "it'll get done, you don't need to ask me every 6 months!"

Depending on how much introspection you have done, you may get to 30-40 maximum before you feel like you have completely run out of ideas. This is where it gets interesting, this is where the time pressure becomes important. It is important to write down anything and everything that comes to mind; every destination you want to visit, every activity you want to try, and every car or house you want to own. The further you get into it, the more you must let go of things you think you 'should' want, and just allow yourself to write down whatever comes to mind that you truly want, no matter how small, large, or silly, it may seem. This is completely yours to own, no one is coming to judge you on it. You can use a template I created here.

Next, I want you to go through your 101 goals list and pick out the top 10, in order, and place them at the top of the list. This will not only help you prioritize your life a bit more but force you to ask the question 'how can I organise my life so that I am prioritizing these goals?'. It will also come in handy further down the funnel.

The second activity down the funnel is the values activity. Again this is a two-step process. Step number one begins with the simple question; 'What is most important to me?'. There are two categories; things (people, money, etc.) and feelings (love, security, joy & happiness). Write down both in a rough order. It doesn't matter how many. See below my list as an example;

Step 2 is to ask yourself; 'What would my values NEED to be in order to achieve my goals and be the best version of myself?' Look at your first list, and ask whether there are some values that actually need to be higher than they currently are, or to be added to or taken off the list entirely, in order to achieve your desires. Again, see my two lists side by side below to see how I changed mine around to better suit my goal of helping people achieve their goals.

You can see my values changed quite a lot when I asked myself what they needed to be because I realised that I needed to prioritise the top 4 so that I have the energy and enthusiasm to be able to best serve others. It was super important for me to ask myself what I needed to value most in order to achieve my goals because as you can see it can change things quite a bit, which is why I encourage you to do the same. We don't just need to know what we value right now, but work to align with the values we NEED to be the best version of ourselves.

Now that you have your values, the next level down the funnel is the Life Purpose Activity. This is the first activity I would recommend absolutely everyone to complete and work down from here. This is a 4 step process, and you will find the link for this activity here.

Step 1; Write down two of your unique personal qualities. Qualities that people always describe you as, for example 'you're so... creative, enthusiastic, intelligent, sporty, etc.' or personal qualities you value most in yourself. For example, my two are a passion for learning and helping others.

Step 2; Write down two ways you enjoy expressing these qualities. Think of when you lose track of time: what activities do you do that you lose track of time and express these qualities? (Examples are supporting others, solving problems, etc.) For me, it was of course learning new things about what it takes to be successful whether it be reading or watching or listening, and whether it be money, business, health, psychology, etc. And also when teaching or helping others with their own problems or goals.

Step 3; Assume the world is perfect right now, what does it look like? How are people interacting? What does it feel like? Describe your perfect world in the present tense. Mine is; 'People are pursuing their own definition of success without comparing themselves to others but instead helping each other because everyone understands that we are each following our unique definition of success.'

Step 4; Put it all together. Combine the previous three answers into a present tense description of how you use your unique personal qualities to bring about your perfect world. To finish my example, my Life Purpose Statement is; Use my passion for continuous learning and improvement, together with my desire for helping people succeed, to find the most simple and practical principles and knowledge, in order to help people understand and realise their individual definition of success and become the best version of themselves, inadvertently benefiting the collective. Creating a world where everyone pursues their own definition of success and instead of comparing themselves to others, helps each other to each achieve their own unique version of success.

Use the link at the bottom of this page to complete this process and have your answers automatically collated and sent to you!

Now that you have your Life Purpose Statement, we are going to drill down even further. The final stage of our funnel; The ONE Thing.

This is where everything we have done above comes together. You will need your top 10 goals from your 101 list, your values, and your Life Purpose Statement. With all of this in mind, ask yourself; what is the ONE goal, that if I achieved it, would have the greatest positive impact on my life? This is where crystal clear clarity starts to set in. If you can really answer this question, life becomes a bit easier, because it becomes like a black hole - this goal creates its own gravitational pull where everything else in your life is drawn towards this ONE thing. I mean, if this goal will have the greatest positive impact on your life, why would the rest of your life not revolve around it? Obviously, it will probably look pretty similar to your life purpose statement, for example, my ONE thing was; to create a business where I can share everything I have learned and help people discover and achieve their definition of success.

If you have made it this far, and you have your Life Purpose, your values, and your 101 goals list, congratulations! You are ahead of 90% of the population. The next 9%, to crack into the 1%, is to take action. That's why I am going to give you ONE final question to help you take that first step to achieve your ONE goal. Ask yourself; What is the ONE thing I could do, to achieve my ONE goal, that would make everything else easier or unnecessary? Answer this question carefully, and purposefully, and then get to work!

If you want to complete all of these questions and have your answers sent straight to your email address, simply follow this link and complete the questionnaire!

I hope this Funnel has given you crystal clear clarity on the most important things in your life: Everything you want to achieve, your life purpose, your values, and your ONE thing. This will be your GPS, if you know exactly what you want, what you must do is always obvious. The next step is always clear. Keep your ONE thing in mind, and keep moving forward. Develop the habit of making progress every single day and you will completely transform your life in the blink of an eye. The best part is, you will do it whilst experiencing the most joy and fulfillment of any work you do because you are expressing the qualities in yourself you value most, and working towards creating your version of an ideal world!

Goals help us be appropriate in the moment. If we are clear on our destination, the next step is clear, and the path becomes illuminated as we continue moving forward.

I hope you have set a crystal clear goal, and have identified the activity that will make everything else easier or unnecessary to create your perfect world.

I wish you all the best in moving forward and creating your ideal world. As always, if you want any help, please reach out, I am always happy to help!

To creating your own definition of success,


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