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Rewrite the Rules: How to Take Control of Your Emotions and Achieve Your Goals

Are you feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, or unsuccessful? If so, it may be due to the rules you have set for yourself. The rules we have for our emotions and feelings can often make it difficult, if not impossible, to truly feel the way we want to feel. Simply put, our unspoken rules tell us what it would take for us to feel the way we want to feel, and often, the bar is set impossibly high. It is a contract we form with ourselves, often unconsciously, that we won't feel the way we want to feel (happy, successful, confident, etc.) until we achieve a certain set of criteria.

But what are these rules, and where do they come from? Our rules for happiness, success, and fulfillment are often based on external factors such as people, possessions, or accomplishments. The problem is, once we reach those external milestones, the goalposts move and we are left feeling unsatisfied.

Tony Robbins, in his book "Awaken the Giant Within", suggests a solution to this problem: change your rules by writing them down as "anytime" statements. By doing this, you can make it easy to feel the way you want to feel, regardless of your external circumstances.

Here's how it works: ask yourself, "What would it take for me to feel happy, healthy, wealthy, successful, or confident?" And then write down your answers in the form of "anytime" statements. For example, "I am happy anytime I am surrounded by loved ones" or "I feel successful anytime I complete a task on my to-do list".

By using these anytime statements as your new rules, you can still chase your dreams and goals while also feeling happy, fulfilled, and successful every day along the way. Don't put off your happiness, love, and feelings of confidence and success any longer. Take control of your emotions by changing your rules and start feeling the way you want to feel today.

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