Life Changing Foundations Course

Unsure on where to start when it comes to changing your life? This course is it, right now, where you are, with what you have. The "Life Changing Foundations" course will have you knowing exactly what you want, as well as the mindset, habits, tools and systems to achieve anything!


Whether it is happiness, more money, better health, developing a positive mindset or habits, with the help of our very own app, this course is designed to help you build the right foundations to get there.

Course Details

The Life Changing Foundations Course is a 6-week program including 6 lessons discussing foundational concepts, plus 8 activities to clarify your goals & values, develop a positive mindset, develop positive habits, and more! The course is complimented by our very own app to track your progress, celebrate wins with our community and share bonus content!


Course Content

Week 1; Introduction + 3 Activities to Begin Clarifying Your Direction

Week 2; Clarity of Direction

Week 3; Habit Formation

Week 5; Creating Your Own Reality

Week 5; Kaizen - Seeking Continuous Improvement

Week 6; Creating Your Own Tao - Your Own Way of Living and Achieiving.

+ A check in at week 7 to clarify your Tao.

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