Ultimate Peak Performance

Building on from the life-changing foundations course, "Ultimate Peak Performance" goes into the advanced levels of reaching peak performance and the flow state. This course is not just for your high performance athletes though, one of the biggest lessons in this course is that this state of effortlessness can be cultivated every day in every activity by everyone! If you want to be your best, feel your best, and perform at your best, this course is for you!

Course Details

The Ultimate Peak Performance course is a 12-week intensive course that will have you ready to perform at your best and achieve anything you want!

With 13 activities over the first 10 weeks, you will develop everything you need to be the most effective, successful, and happy person you can be! This course does not just look at peak performance as a one time event, but also gives you the tools and systems to massively boost your productivity and cultivate flow and effortlessness every day of your life!


Course Content

Week 1; Introduction and Goal-Setting Activities

Week 2; Clarity of Direction

Week 3; Habit & Belief Formation

Week 4; Creating Your Own Reality

Week 5; Productivity

Week 6; Kaizen - Seeking Mastery

Week 7; Flow in Everyday Life

Week 8; Flow for Peak Performance

Week 9; Being Stubborn, Not Resilient

Week 10; Creating Your Own Tao & Being Your Own Hero

Week 11 & 12; 2 x 30min check ins to maintain accountability and to refine your new way of living to make it effortless!

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